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Payment and Delivery

We also deliver books to addresses outside the Czech Republic!

After we receive an order, we send an invoice (by e-mail) to the customer. Once the payment has been made (i.e. when the money has been credited to the University of Ostrava's bank account), the books and the original printed version of the invoice are sent to the customer. The invoice is always sent as part of the consignment. The invoice states the sum in CZK; this sum must be paid by bank transfer. All necessary payment information is given on the invoice.

Postage costs are set by the carrier (Czech Post).

The invoiced sum also includes value added tax (VAT) at the current rate (as of 1 January 2015 the VAT rate is 10% for books, 15% for journals and 21% for CDs or promotional items). If the recipient of the goods outside the Czech Republic is a registered VAT payer, this fact should be stated when ordering to enable VAT exemptions where possible.

No charge is made for packing.

The postage cost cannot be quoted when ordering as it depends on the size and weight of the final package. If you would like to know the postage cost before purchasing the goods, you can e-mail univerzitnitečkaknihkupectvizavináčosutečkacz, or you can request this information in the field ‘Poznámky’ (‘Notes’) in the order form (if using the on-line ordering system); you will be informed of the postage costs by e-mail to the address you state in the form.

The University of Ostrava regrets that it cannot offer bulk discounts.

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